Will these NEW MEDS help her seizures?

We’ve been giving our daughter some new meds to hopefully help with her seizures. Get our newsletter!


  1. Just stumbled across your channel. May God bless Raelynn and you as her parents also…My son just got diagnosed last week with nocturnal seizures. He had been having these for a year and a half and at first they thought it was night terrors but I seen the beginning of one and it resembles grand mal. We finally had an appointment with a specialist last week..He has to have a sleep eeg and an mri which are coming up to find out what type of seizures they are so they can tweek the meds they put him on..You are such an inspiration and thank you so much for your videos.. Hope the new meds work for her.

  2. Hi when I was born I had a stroke I have abscence seizures they happen when I get startled I was so sick when I was born that I almost passed away!!
    It's not just Realynn!

  3. Praying that it helps Raelynn. So interesting to see aswel. I saw the coughing up one on my TV how scary is that! Your all amazing especially the little trooper Sunshine 🌞. That's a whole lot of meds to gonin there bless her heart. ❤

  4. Sweet smile Raelynn 😊but she was ready for a nap after hearing about her meds 🤭💕Hope the new medicine is helping with Raelynn’s seizures🤞Happy weekend to you and your family ❤️

  5. Hi Chris & Raylyn hope uz are well? Ave not bin 2 well wit hedakes/migranes & bad seizures as well as otha constant pain in ma hed. Hope te new seizure med helps wit her seizures. Sendin love & hugz x

  6. I hope raelynn new med work's for her and my doctor put me on Clonazepsm and Lamotlgine for my seizers and I think they would help raelynn too with her seizers amd I still have sdizers but theyare not as bad as there where bedore I got on the lamotgine and I am praying for raelynns new med to work for but if not aso her doctor if they will put her on the meds I take for my seizers and God bless you guys 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏and I love watching your guys videos

  7. It is difficult trying to adjust/change meds for a loved one. Mood meds are the worst to change. Live isn't easy while doing this process. Raelynn's smile can brighten our day. Thanks for letting her make someone else's day brighter.

  8. Hmm Briviact.
    That's medication was recommended for Victoria's seizures this January from her neurologist.
    Keep me informed how is Realynn's filing with the Briviact!
    A don't are you looking soon to our channel but after almost 8 months improvement Victoria's seizure gradually continues to get more severe.
    We have to buy a new wheelchair but we can't decide which one is be better. 🤔
    Is Realynn takes Keppra or Repitend?
    Those two medications are based on Levetiracetam, the almost same as Briviact.

  9. Love your videos. Just wanted to comment as someone who has a j tube and g tube, it may not be the case for Raelynn, but I find sometimes if I flush meds too fast it can make me feel a little bit sick. Especially in the j. Not a criticism at all, just something that she might not be able to tell you and unless you've had a tube yourself you might not know. Feel free to ignore, but thought I'd mention it if it was of any help at all. Wishing you all the best.

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