XMCLIVE // Canadian VA Recommends Euthanasia To Veteran With PTSD & MORE…

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  1. And those are CANADIAN soldiers.
    The Taliban nicknamed them 'Red devils'
    The Geneva convention has articles banning shit that they did in either ww1 or 2.
    Canadians are called nice, but the Canadian soldiers are known for being brutal, aggressive, and terrifying enemies.

  2. 🍆Approximate Timestamps 🍆
    8-26-22 Fri

    23:17 Angry Cops – Canadian VA Recommends Euthanasia to Veteran with PTSD
    Brandon Herrera – We Put A Machine Gun on a Robot Dog
    Upchurch – Superstar
    Brian Hull – Doing Impressions to Characters at Disneyland
    Yarnhub – Meth fueled Finn
    Donut Operator – the WORST cop watcher on YouTube

  3. As a Canadian Veteran with PTSD. When I first heard about this I was totally loosing it myself. It pissed me off so much I had to also reach out to some of my military buddies to calm the F down. Like WTF you maybe right about them wanting to get us off there books for funding I don't know.
    Like even last week a friend posted that he was down. I tried to call him and get him help. I contacted my other buddies that lived closer to check on him as I lived on the otherside of the country. He is fine and guys did check on him.
    I am still pissed off and angry about this whole bullshit and the guy is not a Doctor he most likely a desk jockey corporal or a civi that answers calls to FUCKING HELP them. Like WTF MAN. FUCKING FUCK. I am done with that shit.thanks for talking about this. As all lives matter in this shit.

  4. i bet money that call line fucker is a serial killer, no normal person should ever want a veteran to off themselves when that person is legit trying to get help

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